We positioned Biogenic as the leading CBD Brand in the UK, 2023


Biogenic CBD Wellness


2022 - 2023


Branding, Packaging Development & Design, Digital Marketing, eCommerce Website, Content Strategy, Public Relations, Social Media

Strategy, Brand Identity, Print & Digital Design

Biogenic CBD, formerly known as Biogenic Wellness saw a huge potential in the UK CBD industry, and the dream to become a premium wellness brand began here, with GDWorks. Our journey with Biogenic CBD is one of our proudest. Inspired by the true benefits of CBD, we began the meticulous work, combining the discovery of the consumer and marketplace knowledge, with the power of brand strategy, creativity, and digital marketing to reach business goals.

Led by the brand essence, ‘Combing Nature & Science’ and company ethos ‘professional, clean, and no gimmicks’, we developed a modern, heartfelt, and inspiring brand that focuses on helping all demographics with the daily stresses of daily life, and the physical and mental impacts faced as we grow older.

CBD Energy
Pantone® 7706 C

Biogenic Base
Pantone® Warm C

CBD Elle
Pantone® 7594 C

CBD Calm
Pantone® 663 C