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The ambitious Director at the established Touchstone Recruitment firm approached GDWorks to redevelop the brand, moving away from the ‘old’ and repositioning herself as a sole agent in an ever-evolving and fast-paced recruitment industry. It was important to instill the work ethic of Touchstone – transparent, collaborative, friendly, forward-thinking, and supportive. The San serif wordmark and typography treatment are crisp and bold, conveying a feeling of ease and simplicity. The monogram graphic, which fits nicely within TOUCHSTONE, portrays 2 persons interacting with one another, the different height relates to the diversity of clients and people they work with.

The geometric structure stands out for all communication types and brings a ‘smile’ to the face. The letter U design allows creative freedom, I also see it as a symbolising the meaning of ‘i’ being the recruiter ‘Pauline’ & ‘U’ the client, working together, which is measured and recognised – touchstone.

Our campaign ‘Being happy outside work – is being happy inside work’. was used across several platforms. The billboard concept shows a range of people ‘outside of work’, showing their true personalities, in plain clothes, enjoying life, as opposed to the saturated images of desktops, suits, and city buildings.

Misty Blue
C92 M78 Y48 K50

Summer Yellow
C4 M8 Y96 K0

Off White
C2 M1 Y1 K0

Dark Blue
C84 M73 Y53 K76