Through a blend of thoughtful design and optimisation, Royal & Plaid store was reborn

Royal and Plaid, a family-operated business with a legacy spanning over 30 years, has been renowned for offering top-quality tartan clothing worldwide. However, their outdated website merely served as a product brochure, lacking functionality. Our objective was to create an intuitive and visually appealing e-commerce platform that not only showcased their premium products but also honored the rich heritage embedded within the Royal & Plaid brand.


Royal & Plaid Scotland




Ecommerce Website design and build
Photographic editing

Revamping Royal & Plaid's online presence was an exciting project!

To rejuvenate the Royal & Plaid online store, our approach involved a meticulous integration of various elements. Firstly, we infused the website with tartan patterns and colors, utilising them with good judgement to enhance the overall aesthetic without overwhelming the design.

Secondly, we emphasized the importance of high-quality imagery, utilising detailed and multiple-angle photographs to showcase the craftsmanship of Royal & Plaid’s products.

Thirdly, we prioritised storytelling, narrating the family’s journey and the brand’s rich heritage establishing a deeper connection with customers and underscoring the authenticity of the brand.

Additionally, we focused on creating a user-friendly navigation system, ensuring seamless exploration of product categories and brand storytelling while optimising the website for both desktop and mobile devices for a consistent browsing experience.

Streamlining the checkout process was paramount, with multiple payment options and guest checkout features to minimize friction and encourage purchases. Moreover, we incorporate personalised recommendations based on browsing and purchasing history to enhance the shopping experience and increase cross-selling opportunities.

Lastly, by showcasing customer reviews and testimonials Royal and Plaid built trust and credibility, ultimately reassuring potential buyers and influencing their purchasing decisions.