Creating a differentiated data transferring solution to value proposition for the new generation of Zappaty customers




2022 - Present


Website and App UX & UI, Branding, Motion Graphics, Art Direction, Events, Corporate Brochure, Branded Apparel

At a pivotal time for online security and large file transferring, Zappaty have established themselves as both credible and unique - rising above current providers.

The challenge was to reinvent the brand, from the ground up, preparing it for aggressive marketing online and direct to customers. To make users confident in investing their business, time and money in Zappaty app that has taken 3 years to develop and now has become the best in its sector.

Through a collaborative approach, GDW provided complete brand solutions from Website and App UX & UI designs, digital and printed marketing materials, and motion graphics.


Effective product design hinges on three crucial elements: a comprehensive grasp of business objectives, an ability to empathise with user perspectives and fully comprehend their thought processes, and proficiency in technical capabilities and constraints. Our discovery process entailed conducting in-depth research on Zappaty user base and the relevant domain, balancing thoroughness with efficiency. We adopt an embedded approach when collaborating with in-house product management teams, working closely with their engineers to gain a complete understanding of what is already in place and what can be accomplished.